Virtual Aquarium for the Whole Family

Welcome to VR Aquarium! I hope you will enjoy this introduction to a truly entertaining “screensaver.” I put that in quotation marks because VR Aquarium is really more like a desktop game than a screensaver!

VR Aquarium features some great interactive and educational elements. The fish require attention just like real fish would. Taking care of these virtual fish can be a great family project! Hey, you might even learn a thing or two about having aquatic pets.

Below are some of the activities you will find in VR Aquarium. Notice that our site header (the image at the top of the page) shows the menu within VR Aquarium: Fish Library, My Fishtank, the Fish Store and the Construction Yard.

Feed your fish and watch them grow!

Feed your fishVR Aquarium requires that you feed your fish to maintain their good health. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun and entertaining!

You can feed your fish a variety of foods including pizza! Your fish will react differently to different foods, so choose wisely.

If you take good care of your fish, they may begin to breed as soon as they reach maturity.

My Own Fishtank

My custom fishtankThis is where you can enjoy your own custom designed tank.

Watch the fish swim between the plants and sculptures in your custom tank.

Your fish tank is completely 3D as you can move the cursor to the edges of the screen to rotate the point of view. You can even zoom in and out by pressing the [PageUp] and [PageDown] key respectively!

The Fish Store

Fish storeVisit the Aquarium Shop to purchase new fish, or sell your fish back to the store.

All your new underwater pets start off as young fries. They can grow up to be three times their beginning size with proper feeding and care.

Imagine nursing your own virtual fish into adulthood and then seing the next generation swim around your tank!

Construction Yard

Decorate your tankHere you can decorate your fishtank with fun sculptures and exotic plants.

This will not only make the tank more appealing to human visitors, but will also brighten things up for your fish.

You can always come back to the construction yard to create a new tank, or to modify previous saved tanks.

Fish Library

Learn about fishVR Aquarium includes a Tropical Fish Encyclopedia with information on over a hundred different fish species!

This is a great educational tool for the whole family! You could even make it a fun school project!

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